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Is it fair to sue my mortgage company under RESPA after sending a Notice Of Error letter?

You have sent them a notice of error letter asking the company to investigate and fix the error. They don’t do it. Is it proper to sue them in this situation?


“I have been sued in an ejectment lawsuit after a foreclosure. How long do I have to answer the lawsuit in Alabama?”

This is an important question that we will answer in this article.  It seems bad enough to be foreclosed.  But then you get sued for “ejectment”.  This means the company suing you (normally your mortgage company) is trying to evict or “eject” you from your home.

And claim you have lost your right of redemption.

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I was speaking with an experienced real estate professional the other day and the comment was made to me that probate judges in Alabama decide whether a foreclosure will happen or not.

So I wanted to address this issue or question.

How does a foreclosure happen in Alabama?

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