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Once a defendant is served in a federal consumer protection lawsuit, the defendant has 21 days to choose what to do next: nothing, file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit or complaint, or file an answer to the lawsuit.

Let’s look at these options in more detail now and in the next couple of articles in this series.

Doing nothing will mean the defendant will have a default judgment entered against it by the federal court.


Being served in a federal consumer protection lawsuit means that the defendant has been handed the Complaint which starts the clock running on the defendant to respond to the lawsuit.

In our last blog post we talked about the actual Complaint which starts the lawsuit.

Now we’ll talk about what it means for the defendant to be served with the Complaint.


The Complaint is filed which starts the consumer protection lawsuit against the abusive defendant. Let’s look at this step and see exactly what happens as we continue our series on consumer protection lawsuits in federal court.

We’ll be specifically talking about in Alabama as that is where we are licensed to bring cases. We’ll also use an example of a lawsuit against Portfolio Recovery Associates.

The complaint is the start of the lawsuit — it is the document that is filed that triggers the federal case being opened.


Discover the big picture of how a consumer protection lawsuit in federal court against a debt collector, mortgage company, credit reporting agency, etc. works. We’ll start with an overview of each step of the process. Then we’ll look at why federal court lawsuits are filed by consumers and what consumers get out of the lawsuit. Finally, we’ll take each one of these individual steps and write a detailed blog post about them so you can learn more about each area that you are interested in….

Thanks for joining us on this journey so let’s get started with the big picture overview of what happens in a federal court lawsuit. As we complete each step, you can click on it to go to that article and get more details about it.

Here is an overview of the different steps:

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