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The Dana lawfirm in Arizona has an excellent article on what is a power of attorney and the difference in an immediate one and a springing power of attorney.

A power of attorney lets the person you select act on your behalf. We recently changed the law in Alabama on some of the assumptions/default choices in a power of attorney so its a good idea to get your power of attorney reviewed.

We also recommend you update yours every few years so it will not be viewed as “stale” by financial institutions. This is not a legal requirement but a practical requirement.


The estate planning firm of Bailey and Holliman has a nice blog post entitled “Top 5 Overlooked Issues in Estate Planning” that we recommend you read.

Sometimes we think only “rich” people need estate planning but the truth is that everyone should know their options and then choose the best option available. Not the best option for your neighbor but the best option for you.

To tease you — read the whole article! — here are the top 5.

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