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What are pattern and practice witnesses and how do they help you recover punitive damages?What-are-pattern-and-practice-witnesses-and-how-do-they-help-you-recover-punitive-damages_-300x300

There is a two-step argument for the defendant which is true in any type of case (injury, mortgage, abusive debt collector, false credit reporting, etc.)


“Affirmative Defense” is a term comes up in many different types of litigation cases such as debt collection, false credit reporting, personal injury, etc.

An affirmative defense is where the defendant, the person being sued, can admit they did something; however, they win because of a defense they have.


An answer is a document that we file into court, and in our answer we respond to the complaint.

The complaint is what starts the lawsuit and it explains what the lawsuit is about. So in the answer, the defendant (the one sued) has to either admit or deny each part of the complaint/lawsuit.

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