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Your 3 options when you’re accused by a debt collector of owing a debt that you do NOT owe

Your 3 options when you're accused by a debt collector of owing a debt that you do NOT oweWhen you’re dealing with a debt collector, it’s important to have options. None of these options are perfect or awful, they’re simply options to consider when you’re dealing with a debt collection lawsuit.


New-series-on-reviewing-the-actual-text-of-the-FDCPA-Fair-Debt-Collection-Practices-Act-300x300Welcome to a new series of articles and videos on the actual text of the FDPCA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) which is found at 15 USC Section 1692.

We will still continue to do normal articles and videos but it is good to go to the literal text of the law to make sure we understand it.  Then when we review case decisions they will make more sense having read the actual law.

This law is so powerful as there are many abusive debt collectors out there.  You need to know your rights so you can take action to stop the abusers.


Debt Buyers — why they must prove they own the debt — an illustration of Apple v Samsung

A major role in my work is dealing with debt collectors who have sued Alabama consumers. I’m always thinking of different illustrations to use in court to help the judge and jury on why we don’t owe the debt to this collector, even if we do owe money to someone.


“Credit reports: The original creditor and debt collector are both on my report – is this legal?”

Let’s say that I owe Discover $5,000, and that’s on my credit report. Assuming that’s accurate, that’s fair.
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