Cash for Clunkers and Carfax


The Indiana Consumer Lawyer Blog has posted an article about a recent development with Carfax. Carfax has put all the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) available on its website to be searched for free.

However, Robert Duff, the author of the blog post, suspects that Carfax might be intentionally making it difficult for consumers to locate the free reports.

…I spent about ten minutes searching for it and could not find it. It wouldn’t surprise me if Carfax is making it intentionally difficult to access so that frustrated consumers will just decide to buy a regular Carfax report on the car. I could be wrong. Maybe the website is set up so that no reports are sold on Cash for Clunker vehicles but instead when a person tries to buy a report on such a car a huge warning pops up. I hope so. But knowing what I know about Carfax, I have my suspicions.

Since so many vehicles were “retired” during Cash for Clunkers, it is likely that several will start showing up for sale again as lemons from dishonest dealerships.

If you have had problems with faulty Carfax reports or something similar,and feel you have grounds for a lawsuit feel free to contact us.


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