Can The Word “Why?” Help Prevent Identity Theft?


There is an interesting article that makes this simple, yet powerful, suggestion to help all of us avoid being victims of identity theft:

And if people who don’t actually need specific pieces of information ask for it, Thompson says to use the word his niece recently started using on him – why.

“Why?” he asked the audience. “Do not become paranoid; just be vigilant.” Most people who ask for that information can settle for some other, less critical, information. If not, you first need to consider whether their service is one you truly need.

Then you need to ask a few more questions:

l Why do you need the information?

l Where will it be stored?

l Who will have access to it?

l How will you destroy it when you no longer need it?

Read the rest of this interesting article that discusses other suggestions by Barry Thompson. Thanks to Lee F. Brown of the Daily Press for this good information.

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