Can I fix my credit reports on my own in Alabama?


“Can I fix my credit reports on my own in Alabama?”

This is a wonderful question that we’re going to answer today.

(Note: If you’d like to know how to figure out whether or not you have errors on your credit report, you can check out this article.)


You most definitely can fix your credit reports on your own.

We want to encourage you to properly dispute with the credit reporting agencies about it.

Explain the error in writing.  D

Send them proof.

Here are some examples:

  • You paid off the debt . . . so send a copy of your cancelled check and the letter/statement showing the debt was paid off
  • The debt was included in bankruptcy so it should not list a balance owed . . . so send a copy of your bankruptcy papers including the discharge order
  • You have a debt collector who says you owe money but you beat that debt collector in a collection lawsuit . . . so send the credit bureaus a copy of the lawsuit, your answer and the order where you won.

Hopefully that gives you the idea — just describe the error, give proof, and ask that it be fixed.

There is an exception to this answer, though.

If the credit reporting agency refuses to fix your credit report, then you need to turn to a consumer protection attorney to help you sue the credit reporting agency for false credit reporting.

Unfortunately, credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Equifax, Eperian, etc.) can be very stubborn.

Therefore, they sometimes need to be nudged by the law to comply with your wishes.

If you’d like more information about credit reporting errors and how to fix them, you can check out more of our articles on this page.

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