Arguments Alabama Consumers Should Normally Avoid If Sued For Collection


A tremendous number of Alabama consumers are sued every day on collection suits. Many of these are brought by debt buyers who either cannot or will not prove that they have the right to sue Alabama consumers. There are other defenses to the collection suits – for example many suits are brought after the statute of limitations has expired.

But there are other arguments that are normally very weak. The Michigan Collection Law Blog has a recent post on “Mythical Defenses To Debt Collection” that is well worth your time to read.

If you are sued, please take the time to consult with a lawyer in Alabama who is knowledgeable about debt collection. You may need to settle or it may be best to fight or even to file a separate suit against the collector but do choose your course of action wisely and don’t rely upon the “mythical defenses” described in the post above.

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