Anatomy Of An Alabama Collection Lawsuit – Part Four – Answering The Lawsuit


In this post we will look at how our clients typically answer Alabama collection lawsuits filed by debt buyers.

You have been accused of owing the debt buyer money. Our clients do not agree with this as typically the first time they have ever heard of the debt buyer is when they get sued – so they typically deny liability. This is because of the following three reasons which we typically put in answers:

1. The debt buyer does not own the debt;
2. Consumer does not owe the debt buyer; and 3. The statute of limitations has expired.

Of course your situation is unique and we can’t advise you how to answer a lawsuit but the critical thing we can tell you is to answer it! Don’t allow a default judgment to be entered against you.

Our next post will examine what happens after you file an answer denying the allegations of the debt buyer.

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