An Example Of Mortgage Servicing Abuse – Tammy


My friend Denise Richardson has a heartbreaking story on her website about a woman named Tammy who is dealing with the realities of common place mortgage servicer abuses.

Read the entire article but here is a taste:

EMC Mortgage Servicing placed an escrow account on our non-escrowed mortgage. Not once – twice! Not only do I have one of their representatives on a recorded conversation with me stating that this foreclosure was in no way our fault, they also sent me the documentation that they had showing them that we did indeed have insurance. Yet, EMC chose to pay our insurance and charge us for their mistake. I noticed, the second time, right away. I immediately called EMC to get this taken care of, and every few weeks after that. It took them 11 months to figure out how they made the mistake. But, they didn’t figure it out until I spent over 3 hours on the phone with their insurance department AFTER they served us with foreclosure papers. I tried for 11 months to have this escrow situation looked into. They did NOTHING!!! Except hand us foreclosure papers just a few days prior to Christmas. Not to mention that for those 11 months, I would make my regular monthly payments and explain to them that the payments were to be applied our mortgage payments, NOT the escrow account. Guess what. They applied the payments where ever they wanted. So, they actually started foreclosure proceedings on us when we weren’t in default.

Mortgage Servicing Companies serve a helpful role – if they follow the law. That “IF” is often not present and they can absolutely wreck a family by destroying a family’s home. If you are dealing with this type of nonsense and you live in Alabama, feel free to contact us to learn more about your options.

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