Alabama Elder Law For Dementia Patients


There is a good blog post by Nolan Stewart PC related to elder law issues for folks with dementia that we suggest you read.

In this post there are references to both the medical issues that arise (i.e. needing health care proxies, etc) and issues related to money (how to pay for long term care).

When we think about a loved one needing care who has dementia, these two issues are front and center.

How do we provide the care needed when our loved one can’t make decisions anymore? Do we have the legal right to get them the care they need? If we haven’t planned this out ahead of time, how much money and time will it take to get a court to give us this power?

And beyond having the legal right to make the decisions, can we afford to get our loved one the care they need? If they are in a nursing home, we are looking at $5000 a month. Home health can be just as much based upon the level needed. So if we don’t have this ability, we may need to look at Medicaid to pick up the costs of nursing home care or if you qualify for VA Pension (Aid and Attendance) then this can be useful in paying for long term care.

Here’s the conclusion — it will always be easier and cheaper and more effective if we do the planning on the front end rather than waiting for a crisis to hit. What’s the old saying? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”

If you have questions about elder law issues — powers of attorney, planning for medicaid, etc. — then it will be helpful to get with an elder law lawyer sooner rather than later.

If we can help, feel free to contact us at 205-879-2447 or you can go to our website Alabama Elder Lawyer to contact us. Our site is still under construction but we hope you will find it helpful for general estate planning issues for seniors, qualifying for Alabama Medicaid to pay for nursing home care, and also qualifying for VA Pension or Aid and Attendance benefits.

Update — I noticed an article from my friends at Bailey & Holliman that hits a similar theme in more detail about some of the tools and options available — take a look at this as it is worth your time.

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