Alabama Consumers Sued – The Role Of Your Credit Reports


We have received a number of calls and emails from Alabama consumers who have been sued recently by debt buyers. Many of these people have been sued by junk debt buyers such as Palisades, Asset Acceptance, Midland Credit, etc. and by local law firms such as Zarzaur & Schwartz or Nathan & Nathan. We often tell people who are not late on filing an answer to the suit to pull their credit reports.

This may seem odd but here is why it is critical to do so:
1. You need to know what the junk debt buyer is saying about you and the date of last activity;
2. Is the junk debt buyer reporting the account as being “in dispute”; and 3. If you win your case will the zombie debt buyer remove the account from your credit reports?

We will examine each of these in a separate post to explain why you need this information when you have been sued by junk debt buyers like Palisades, Asset Acceptance, Unifund, LVNV Funding, and similar companies.

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