Alabama Consumer Sues Verizon And Equifax For False Credit Reporting


We filed a case in Jefferson County, Alabama, against Verizon and Equifax for false credit reporting and the complaint is on our website. Our client paid a disputed charge and was told, in writing, by Verizon that the Verizon account or trade-line would be removed from all of his credit reports (this would include Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union).

When it was not removed, our client wrote to Verizon and called Verizon to try and get them to honor the deal Verizon made when he paid off the disputed charges. After several promises by Verizon and after disputing the account with Equifax and getting no help, our client was forced to file suit alleging violations of Alabama state law and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

You may recall this is the second recent suit against Verizon that we have filed.

Many Alabama consumers face false credit reporting and this is a problem that can have very harmful effects on your job, mortgage rates, credit card rates, etc. The solution is to pull your credit reports, review them, then dispute any false information, and finally sue if the false information is not corrected. Please feel free to contact us if you live in Alabama and have questions about your credit reports.

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