Alabama Consumer Sues Tabula Rasa And Cavalry Portfolio For Violating The FDCPA


We have blogged about the dangers of debt collectors contacting third parties (neighbors, family, co-workers, etc) to collect debts and we recently filed suit against Tabula Rasa and the debt buyer Cavalry Portfolio for this type of misconduct. Despite what most debt collectors believe and how they act, debt collectors CANNOT contact third parties to collect debts. They can only contact co-workers or neighbors or other third parties to obtain location information – address, phone number, etc – but cannot use third parties to put pressure of any type on Alabama consumers who allegedly owe debts.

If your friend, or family member, or co-worker tells you that they are getting calls from debt collectors that are looking for you, carefully write down what you are told and get dates, times, phone numbers, etc. This will help you to document what has happened. Feel free to contact us if you live in Alabama and are dealing with illegal third party contacts by debt collectors.

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