Alabama Consumer Sues LVNV, Capital Management, and Resurgent Capital For Violating The FDCPA After Consumer Wins Collection Suit


We recently filed a suit on behalf of an Alabama consumer against three related debt collectors – LVNV, Capital Management, and Resurgent Capital. We also sued Experian for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act by keeping a false account on our client’s credit report.

LVNV sued our client and claimed she owed LVNV money. LVNV lost its collection case against our client. Instead of letting that be the end of it, LVNV had Capital Management and Resurgent Capital to start collecting on this debt that a judge said our client did not owe. LVNV also kept this account on our client’s credit report, violating both the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

We have filed a number of these types of suits against debt buyers who refuse to follow the law and instead keep collecting and keep credit reporting false information. You can find our recent cases by looking at our website here or our blog here.

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