Alabama Consumer Sues Debt Buyer LHR, Equifax, And Trans Union For False Credit Reporting


An Alabama consumer has recently sued the debt buyer LHR after LHR sued the consumer. The consumer denied owing the debt buyer LHR any money and the judge agreed, ruling in favor of the consumer. This should have ended the matter but to make sure the consumer disputed with the credit reporting agencies that the account should not be on the credit reports since the consumer won the collection case. Shockingly, LHR told the credit reporting agencies to keep it on the reports and Equifax and Trans Union did so.

We have previously blogged about how debt buyers who sue Alabama consumers must prove they own the debt and how they seem unwilling or unable to do so. We have also discussed disputing the collection accounts after you win your collection case. As always, we recommend you to pull your credit reports, review them, then dispute any false information, and finally sue if the false information is not corrected. Please feel free to contact us if you live in Alabama and have questions about your credit reports or being sued by a debt buyer.

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