Alabama Consumer Sues Beneficial, Homecomings, America’s First Federal Credit Union, Credit Bureau Services, and Experian For False Credit Reporting After Bankruptcy


Anthony Bush with Anderson Nelms & Associates filed a case on January 22, 2009, against Beneficial Assurance LTD, Inc., Homecomings Financial, LLC, America’s First Federal Credit Union, Credit Bureau Services International, Inc. and Experian.

This case arises out of a bankruptcy discharge that the plaintiff received several years ago (2007) but the defendants continued to report discharged debts as having a balance owed. A discharged account must be listed as a zero balance as no money is owed to the defendant/creditor.

This lawsuit alleges violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act and state law including deceptive trade practices.

This type of misconduct (leaving false balances on accounts that have been discharged) has been going on for some years and we have filed numerous lawsuits over the last three years related to this but creditors and collectors continue to violate the law in attempts to extort money out of consumers who no longer owe the creditors and collectors any money. We wish Anthony Bush the best of success with this suit in his efforts to help encourage creditors and collectors to obey the law.

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