Alabama Consumer Sues After Winning Collection Lawsuit


It is bad enough being sued by a debt buyer over an old debt. Worse to be sued when you don’t owe the debt. The ultimate insult is when you have been sued, you win your lawsuit, and the debt buyer still won’t remove the false information from your credit reports.

What is the best solution to this frustrating problem?

Each situation is different but often the best approach in Alabama is to sue the debt collector or debt buyer and the credit reporting agencies that refuse to correct false information. Unless you like being trapped in an endless loop of no one listening to you or helping you, then often the best approach to getting these companies to do the right thing is to sue them.

We recently did this by filing suit against LVNV, Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union after our Alabama consumer won the LVNV collection lawsuit, and disputed the false information on his credit reports.

If you have experienced this same problem in Alabama, please let us know as we would like to know your story as we gather more evidence of this growing problem.

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