Alabama Collection Lawsuits Filed The Week Of April 6, 2009


Here is the update on the numbers of debt buyer lawsuits and lawsuits filed by the creditor Capital One during the week of April 6, 2009, in Alabama:

Arrow Financial Services 31

Asset Acceptance 75

Atlantic Credit & Finance 69

Cach, LLC 8

Cap One Bank 222

Cavarly Portfolio Services, LLC 4

Delta Capital Resources, LLC 7

Harvest Credit Management, LLC 1

Hilco Receivables LLC 13

Lionheart Funding LLC 1

LVNV Funding 27

MCM Holdings LLC 3

Merchants Adjustment Services, Inc. 11

Midland Funding LLC 86

Northstar Capital Acquistions, LLC 9

Palisades Collections, LLC 20

Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC 6

Portfolio Recovery Associates 29

RJM Aquisititions 2

TBF Financial 1

Unifund CCR Partners 29

World Acceptance Corporation 15

Worldwide Asset Purchasing 4

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