Alabama debt collection: Lawsuit and disputing credit reporting [Strategy before and after you win!]



Alabama debt collection: Lawsuit and disputing credit reporting


Let’s talk about debt collection lawsuits and how they work with your credit report.

Here is a strategy you may want to use.

You get sued. You file your answer in court within the appropriate time limit.

If the debt buyer shows up on your credit report, you may want to send a letter to the credit bureaus with your answer attached.

You tell the credit bureaus – “I don’t owe this debt to this company. I want this removed from my credit report.”

The credit bureaus receive your letter, and ask their customer, the debt buyer, what should be done with the report.

99% of the time, the debt buyer will say, “leave the debt on the report.”

The debt buyer says this even though they know they either cannot or will not prove their case.

Yet they still say, “keep it on the report.”

Later, you have filed your answer, completed your dispute, gone to trial, and won.

What should you do next?

Send a follow-up letter to the credit bureaus.

“I have told you once and I am telling you a second and final time – I do not owe this debt. And now, a judge agrees with me.”

Give them the order, case number, etc. as proof of your lawsuit and tell them to remove this from your report.

Once again, the credit bureaus will go to the debt buyer to ask what should be done with the report. They will only do what the debt buyer tells them to do.

Normally, they will get rid of it once a judge has ruled.

However, there are many times where the debt buyers want to keep it on the report.

They say, “We don’t care what the judge says. We want to get paid for this. Keep it on.”

When the debt buyer does this, you have a tremendous lawsuit against both the credit bureaus and the debt buyer.

This is a strategy we have employed many times and have found to be helpful over the years. We always have to change and adapt to what the debt buyers are doing, and this continues to work well.

We hope this is helpful to you!

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-John Watts

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