A Repo Man, A Punch To The Face, And A Hit And Run?


Check out this amazing story from the Boston Globe (courtesy of this post at the Consumerist):

A debt collector trying to repossess a 2000 Ford Focus tried to yank a young mother out of her car so violently that he ripped off her necklace and punched her in the face, a prosecutor said today in court.

While the woman’s 5-year-old daughter watched in horror Friday, another debt collector jumped on the hood like a “madman,” said Brendan Barnes, a prosecutor for the Plymouth County district attorney’s office.

Afraid she was being carjacked, Sara Bradley, 25, drove to the Abington Police Department with the man clinging to her hood while his partner followed in another car. The two debt collectors from South Shore Auto Recovery — Robert Simeone, 21, and his brother, Michael, 17 — were arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

To be fair to the collectors/repo men – they deny the allegations and claim they were attacked by the woman…with her five year old…
Repossessions can happen but under Alabama law (and most states that we know of) the repo man can’t “breach the peace” which would include, we are sure, punching a young mother in the face and jumping on the hood…

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