A Computer Nerd, A Star NBA Player, A Switched Hard Drive Equals Lawsuit


Identity Theft does not just happen to poor or middle class people. It can happen to the wealthy and famous. This story may be a little extreme but it does show how something as innocent as taking your computer in to be repaired can cause you to end up losing control over your financial information. According to a report out of San Antonio,

Bruce Bowen is crying foul – off the court. He and his wife are suing a local computer repair shop for nearly $2 million after a hard drive with their personal information ended up in a stranger’s hands.

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The hard drive allegedly contained Bruce Bowen’s financial and legal documents, pictures of his family, and pictures from one of the team’s NBA championships. All this ended up in the hands of Joy Roan, who just wanted her computer fixed.

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The Bowens are now suing Computer Nerdz, the business they hired to fix their computer in August 2006. According to the lawsuit, the Bowens were told their hard drive was damaged and needed to be replace. It goes on to say the business then sold the hard drive to Roan.

We have to think creatively about how to protect our financial information. If we keep Microsoft Money or Quicken or other programs with financial information, it may be best to hire a trusted computer person or to just buy a new hard drive, etc. Bottom line is to be careful with our information – it sounds like Bruce Bowen is not going to have his identity stolen but who knows how many copies of his information were made?

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