If you’re looking to buy a home, whether it’s a new house or an older house, there are two things have you need to consider doing.

Many people who buy a home skip these two steps, but they’re critical to saving you money in the long run.

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Can a Debt Buyer Really Sue Me?

This question is a natural question when you have been sued by some debt buyer such as LVNV, Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery, etc.


Subpoenas are a type of discovery where we can get information and documents from non parties — people or companies who are not in the lawsuit.

The other types of discovery we have discussed so far — initial disclosures, interrogatories, request for production, and request for admissions — are only to the parties in the case. The Plaintiff (who filed the case/lawsuit) and the Defendant (who was sued and who has answered the lawsuit).

Why would we use a subpoena?

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